Top Secret Mission


Gaustabanen AS


Top Secret Mission




Gaustatoppen, Rjukan, Norway


Interactive Learning Game

Deep inside the heart of Gaustatoppen - the highest mountain in Telemark, Norway - the Gaustabanen tram takes visitors up a sloping railway to the summit at 1,883 meters above sea level. Expology's immersive roleplay game brings this exclusive experience to life on an even deeper level, as visitors uncover the spy in their midst!

Who built this strangely unique tramway... and why? "Top Secret Mission" takes visitors on a journey back in time to the facility's hayday as a top secret NATO facility during the Cold War. Groups dive in and take on the role of secret agents looking to expose a spy in their ranks, searching for clues and exploring the bunker's secret rooms and niches along the way. The guided immersive experience gives participants a one-of-a-kind look into the facility's intriguing history, where they learn about its Cold War past, gain access to previously off-limits rooms and reflect on connections with today's political climate - all while solving a mystery together.

Expology developed this unique immersive experience in collaboration with the team at Gaustabanen. Expology was responsible for everything from concept, exhibit and game design to delivery.

Photos:  © Expology 2023

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