Astrid Lindgren and the power of stories


Astrid Lindgren's Näs


Astrid Lindgren and the power of stories







Astrid Lindgren's Näs is a popular tourist destination in Vimmerby at Astrid's childhood home. Here visitors can experience the place where she and her siblings grew up. At Näs, visitors can enter the childhood home, experience the beautiful surrounding gardens and visit exhibitions.
Expology has produced and designed the permanent exhibition, Astrid Lindgren and the power of stories opening in May 2023 at Näs.

The story of the exhibition starts with Astrid Lindgren's childhood and continues through the different chapters of the world-famous author's life. The chronological narrative also includes more in-depth thematic elements.    

The curved, organic walls of the exhibition space lead the visitor through the different chapters. These enhance the dramaturgy and give the room a dynamic and playful design where the exhibition space opens up and narrows down.  

In the thematic sections, the spaces become more enveloping, and the expression is intensified.The poetic expression gives the space a dreamlike mood and gives visitors a chance to get closer to Astrid Lindgren and the subjects that influenced her and her writing.

The design is inspired by the history of the site, the playfulness of childhood and the surrounding natural landscape.  

Wavy shapes, soft textiles, dark stained wood and characteristic details have been combined to create a familiar home-like feeling where Astrid Lindgren's own home environments have been the inspiration for the colors, design and material palette.

The graphic design and exhibition texts are influenced by the design and chapter divisions of the printed storybook.

The exhibition is intended to stimulate visitors on both an intellectual and sensory level.With the help of sound, light, moving images, photographs, tactility and, not least, text., several senses will be touched, and playfulness aroused.

Photos: Anders Ristenstrand

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