Stockholm Transport Museum


Spårvägsmuseet - Stockholm Transport Museum


Stockholm Transport Museum




Stockholm, Sweden



The Stockholm Transport Museum is a museum about life in Stockholm, through the lens of public transport on water, roads and tracks. Its dynamic exhibitions illustrate how public transport has affected the lives of Stockholmers for more than 150 years. After moving from Södermalm in Stockholm, it’s now located in an old industrial premises from the end of the 19th century, designed by the architect Ferdinand Boberg.

The exhibitions tells about Stockholm’s history, on 4 floors, seen from the perspective of public transport. Through hundreds of objects - from large vehicles to small tickets and uniform buttons - visitors can learn how the city has come to grow in symbiosis with the development of public transport.

The target groups are both adults and children. Among many other things, visitors get to experience how it feels to drive a bus, metro and tram, or challenge themselves to see if they can move faster than a horse tram or a bus in rush hour traffic.

Expology has been responsible for the roles of project management and exhibition architecture. We have worked with the museum through all phases of the project; from project planning to concepts and scripts, media production and spatial design as well as project and production management until the completion of the museum.

Photos: © Karin Stenwall/Stockholm Transport Museum, Daniel Griffel/Stockholm Transport Museum and Expology

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