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Munch - A Digital Experience




Åsgårdsstrand, Norge



Edvard Munch painted many of his most famous paintings in the beautiful small town of Åsgårdsstrand, on the coastline south of Oslo. Paintings like Frieze of Life, Bathing Young Men and The Girls on the Bridge. Here, where he also owned his first house and lived for many years, Expology had the honor of creating an immersive experience around his art.

The municipality of Horten offered a guided tour of Åsgårdstrand, but wanted to enhance the experience. They were looking to attract younger audiences and get them engaged in and excited about Munch's art. Expology won this prestigious project to create an emotional digital experience targeting the younger generation.

The exhibition consists of an immersive film projection where visitors experience Munch's art up close and in motion. When set to gallery mode, guests can engage with four interactive installations in the space. This includes painting like Munch, reading his digital diary, taking pictures inspired by his paintings, as well as being a part of a Munch painting. The latter can be uploaded and shared to social media.

Expology had the role of concept creation, content producers, light design, project management, and programming.

Photos: © Expology/Bjørn Jacobsen

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