Aker Solutions




2012 - ongoing


Oslo, Norway



Engineerium is an interactive visitor center where guests get hands-on with science, engineering, and the exciting history of how Norway's oil and gas industry has been a driver for innovation - with Aker Solutions at the forefront. Engineerium explores how the finest in Norwegian engineering have overcome the forces of nature and created innovation for a greater good.

Since its opening in 2012, Engineerium has been a fan favorite of teachers and students alike. Developed in line with national curriculum educational standards, this unique experience center perfectly encompasses all of Expology's service areas: it's a museum, a branded environment, a science center, and a learning game - all in one. Expology's social learning role-play game "Engineering Challenge" was developed to uniquely go hand-in-hand with the centre, giving students an immersive gamified wat to engage on an even deeper level.

The center showcases the best examples of engineering and technological science as well as Aker Solutions' view on innovation. Its large 2,000 m2 space allows plenty of room for visitors to explore the oil and gas industry through interactive installations, historical models, a social learning game, a 3D visualisation centre, and an amphitheatre with recording and movie capabilities.

Expology is responsible for the original concept development and production of Engineerium and Engineering Challenge. Over the years, we have built on Engineerium's success and continued our fruitful partnership with Aker Solutions - refreshing and adding to the 37+ installations, creating new ways to engage through visitor guides and apps, new hands-on learning games, and more.

Photos:  © Energy Lab/Expology

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