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Take Control




Oslo, Norway



Take Control or "Ta Kontroll" is a roleplay learning game in personal finance for students 9th grade and up, developed by Expology for Nordea Bank Norway's visitor center for school groups.

Through this hands-on educational game, players gain a basic understanding and knowledge of the value of money, income and consumption by taking on different roles and exploring the financial impacts of their choices. The game further gives insight into banks’ role in society, as well as a look at some of the professions that exist within the banking industry.

Players create their own profile and are assigned a role either as a bank consultant or as a student with a dream. The students are then divided into groups according to their dreams: either to buy an apartment, start a business, give back to the community by building a school in a developing country, or going on a road trip with friends. Each of these dreams requires savings and a good grip on one's personal finance, which players experience over the course of the game.

Expology developed the game in line with national curriculum standards, and had the role of content creation, design, project management.

Photos: © Expology

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