EWK - A voice of solidarity


Fullersta Gård


EWK - A voice of solidarity




Huddinge Municipality, Stockholm



The exhibition EWK - a voice of solidarity highlights the caricaturist EwertKarlsson’s development as an artist and cartoonist in relation to important national and international events of the time. The vibrant exhibition also provides an insight into his life and EWK’s masterful ability to portray people and phenomena through political drawings that made him a name outside Sweden’s borders.

Expology was commissioned to produce the exhibition in close collaboration with the museum curator. The Expology team developed a timeline of content and different communication levels as well as spatial and graphic design.

The exhibition seeks to answer questions such as: Who was EWK? Why is he important in Huddinge? Why did he have a global impact? At the same time, the symbolic language of art is introduced through some particularly distinctive works. The main part of the exhibition is organized along a timeline that starts at the beginning of his artistic career. Along the timeline, original works and copperplate prints are mixed with newspaper articles and objects that represent EWK's work and personality in different ways during the different periods.Through its varied content, the timeline conveys the diligence and passion that EWK felt for his art. To enable visitors to take in the timeline in its entirety, a seat is placed in the center of the room. The bench is circular to link to EWK's symbolic language with the sphere as a symbol of the global or contexts.

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