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Munch Shadows is a ground-breaking museum exhibition on the 7th floor of the new Munch Museum in Oslo. This immersive multimedia experience takes you on a sensory journey back in time. Walk through Munch's home, reconstructed as a "living archive" telling the story of the last thirty years of his life at his house in Ekely.

As visitors walk through the rooms of Munch's house, they can engage with it in different layers. Maybe they simply walk through it to go see the display case on the other side, maybe they stop and look at an object on Munch's telephone table, or maybe they pick up the phone and "talk" to friends who influenced his artistic practice - or maybe they even sit for a portrait by "Munch" himself! No matter how visitors interact with the home, they are certain to be left with impressions of his memories and thoughts during this period of his life. Munch said that his home was his brain, and through this immersive exhibition visitors gain a deeper understanding of the man and artist.

The exhibition is split into three sections: (1) a large arena in the middle of the room that reconstructs Munch's house at Ekely; (2) an “object wall” alongside the entire wall of the room showing unique personal effects and memorabilia belonging to Munch; and (3) a timeline illustrating and describing Munch's biographical life, highlighting significant periods.

For younger visitors, another story unfolds paralell to Munch's. In houses of the era it was quite common to have mice living in the walls; but what were their lives like? Expology's Mouseum consists of  secret "peepholes" hidden throughout the house in places like the kitchen counter, clock, piano etc. Visitors can follow tiny mouse tracks and peek into these mouse holes for a whimsical glimpse into how mice may have lived alongside Munch.

Expology was honored to win this prestigious project and work on it together with Yoke and the Munch Museum.

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