Vjupoint - Expology's custom learning app

Vjupoint Visitor engagement app

Expology's unique position-based learning app, developed in collaboration with Utviklerne in Stavanger, engages your audiences no matter where they are. The perfect solution for everything from tours in the museum to a walk through the sculpture park.

Easy, Elegant Engagment.

- The Irish Museum of Modern Art

With Expology's digital visitor engagement app you can:

  • Increase the footprint of your venue
  • Gather audience feedback ​
  • Tailor specific audience interactions​
  • Access powerful visitor insights
  • An easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS)
  • Beacons - easily increase audience engagement
  • Custom heat maps, GPS points ​& outdoor trails

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Check out our short & quirky video explainer to learn how Vjupoint can meet the unique needs of your audience and venue.