Expology's innovative new exhibition opens at MUNCH

Expology's groundbreaking exhibit gets up close and personal with Edvard Munch

We are excited to share our latest project related to Edvard Munch: the large-scale immersive exhibition Munch Shadows on the 7th floor of the new Munch Museum in Oslo.

A sensory journey back in time.

In this interactive exhibition, you are invited in to Munch's home at Ekely - reconstructed as an immersive "living archive" telling the story of the last thirty years of his life. As you walk through his house, you engage with household objects and memorabilia belonging to Munch, pick up the phone to "talk" to friends who influenced his artistic practice, and even sit for a portrait by "Munch himself".

For the youngest visitors...

Throughout our reconstruction of Munch's home, you'll find another story unfolding paralell to Munch's own. In houses of the era it was quite common to have mice living in the walls; but what were their lives like? Our Mouseum consists of  secret "peepholes" hidden throughout the house in places like the kitchen counter, clock, piano etc. Visistors of all ages can follow tiny mouse tracks and peek into the mouse holes for a whimsical glimpse into how these mice may have lived alongside Munch.

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