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Engineering Challenge




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Engineering Challenge is a participatory social learning game developed by Expology to enhance school group visits to the popular Engineerium experience center. The game immerses students in the concepts of engineering and innovation, increasing their knowledge and understanding of the topics - and inspiring them to dive deeper.

This educational role-play game was developed in accordance with national curriculum standards for lower secondary schools, and focuses on the subjects of natural science and engineering. Designed for 16-32 players, the interactive tasks in the game are played out both individually and in groups. It goes hand-in-hand with a field trip to Engineerium, giving students a meaningful and educational way of engaging on a deeper level with the dynamic installations at the center - and including pre- and post-visit activities to tie it all together.

Expology is one of the world's leading pioneers in social learning games, with over 50 games created for different clients over the years. Engineering Challenge is part of Expology's ongoing partnership with Aker Solutions and Engineerium. Read more about Engineerium here.

Photos:  © Expology

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